Standalones from Old HyperCard Stack

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Fri Jul 5 03:05:01 EDT 2002

On Friday, July 5, 2002, at 0
> The real problem I'm dealing with now is that when I add cards to the 
> stack in the standalone, the changes don't stick. The new cards appear 
> fine until I exit the app. On restart, only the original cards are 
> still there. if I suspend the Rev UI in developer mode and run the 
> stack, I can add cards and they stick. They even appear in the 
> standalone executable. But any cards I add don't work.
> Where can I look for help on this issue? Cany anyone shed light here?

This is a classic HC-->RR conversion issue. A Rev standalone is an 
executable and hence no records are saved to it. This is normal for Unix 
and Windows and enforced for Mac. Solve your problem by creating a 
splash screen as a main stack and make your app a substack of it. Ask 
for separate files for main and substacks when building your 
distribution. Bingo.

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