Announcement: Plugins and Libraries

Monte Goulding monte.goulding at
Thu Jul 4 14:19:08 EDT 2002

Hi All

I've just updated my site ( to include
the following:

 - A new plugin called Happy Snap (revHappySnap.rev) that will aid you in
taking screenshots to be used in user manual's and promotions etc. You can
use it to take, store and export snapshots of all, the current or specific
cards of any open stack. You can also choose to hide Rev during the snapshot
and select from screen rect, stack rect, estimated window rect and the
window bounding rect.

 - A bug fixed version of Script Library

 - Two new script libraries (one for browser style cursor management and the
other to give buttons and text links sound)
Note: if anyone has some better user interface sounds for different button
styles I'd love some cooperative work on libSound.rev

 - I've also changed a couple of things in libXMLText. I found out you can
actually access the index of the customProperty set you handle in a setProp
message so I've changed the style setting API.

I've also posted the html docs that Script Library generates for each
library so you can check them out more before you download.

Sometime in the next few weeks I plan to post a plugin to give a simple user
interface for the StyleXML custom property set. Eventually I'll build a
parser to parse CSS documents into the custom property set but that will
need to wait for a bit.


Monte Goulding
B.App.Sc. (Hons.)

Executive Director
Sweat Technologies

email: monte at
mobile: (+61) 0421 138 274

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