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Scott Raney raney at metacard.com
Wed Jul 3 10:49:00 EDT 2002

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002 Brian Kelly <briank at bkms.com> wrote:

> I have Revolution 1.1.1Classic, running under Mac OS 9.2.2.

> I built the externals project (the PPC target) using CodeWarrior,
> but cannot seem to get the externals to be recognized.

> The code resource is in the file created by CodeWarrior.

> I put the compiled CODE resource file in the Revolution folder, but
> using the "External Tutorial.rev" stack, it fails when I try to use
> the "sprintf" button, or any of the others.

> I also tried putting it in the same folder as the stack, and in the
> plugins folder, but to no avail.

> Am I putting the file in the wrong place? Does it need a special
> extension or name?  Below is the message in the error window.

The CODE resource needs to be placed *in the stack file*, not in a
separate file.  Note that this is only true for MacOS: all other
platforms (including the Mach-O OS X engine) the external is stored as
a separate file which is found using the "externals" property of the

> Cheers,
> Brian Kelly

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