Maintaining scripts and groups in library files

Monte Goulding monte at
Tue Jul 2 23:20:01 EDT 2002

> I want to maintain a handful of libraries to be used by several
> mainstacks.  I am beginning to think these should not be substacks
> but separate mainstacks found by stackfiles.

I've got an idea ;-) Why not use my Script Library plugin to manage library

I don't want my standalones to go over
> the 50 limit for "start using".

Why would they? 50 is a big number. Are you developing a system that is so
complex that it requires more than 50 separate script libraries? Even if you
did I'm sure you could manage that by only using libraries when you need
> If I use a stack through stackfiles in a mainstack, is there an
> easy way to make it part of the standalone built from the
> mainstack?  A not-so-easy way?

Use the distribution builder to add it at build time. It will also set the
stackFiles property for you.
> Do I need to make sure that all stacks used directly and indirectly
> have unique names?


That is, suppose I use several stacks through
> stackfiles and each of these have several substacks used as dialog
> boxes, can these have the same name?


> Do substacks of mainstacks set in "start using" count as the 50
> limit for standalones?

> Can I place a group on a card in one stack and that group is
> defined and maintained by a stack found through stackfiles?

No. That would be nice and would make the object library fantastic.
> Well, six questions are probably over my quota; I'll stop there.
> Dar Scott

It sounds like you are developing some standard dialogs that you want to be
able to reuse. What I would do is create a library stack as your main stack
and dialogs as your substacks. The library stack can contain scripts for
opening and sending/returning data to/from the dialogs. It can also contain
any scripts that are common to more than one of the dialogs.



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