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Rod McCall rodmc at
Tue Jul 2 07:11:01 EDT 2002

Dear All,

>Shipping to Switzerland is even more, USD 55, from UK (while actual shipping
>cost isn o more than around USD10). Switzerland is still in Europe.

Firstly I would like to say that we do not enjoy charging people carriage 
for the manuals, indeed we would prefer not to. However it is simply not 
cost effective for us to offer free shipping. This is due to the fact that 
all manuals are sent from Wales (in the UK) to their final destination. The 
destinations vary from the US to Australia, UK, Romania and Japan. Also the 
manuals weigh 3kg (approx.) and therefore do attract a significant charge.

In terms of the costs we charge, these are based on the actual cost to 
ourselves which in turn is from a contract we have with DHL It should be 
noted we do NOT make a profit on the shipping charges.  Indeed the rates 
charged by us are substantially lower than had we not negotiated a contract.

We aim to provide a first class delivery service which is one reason why we 
chose DHL above other carriers. Indeed my own experience of other carriers 
is that boxes destined for Scotland do occasionally end up somewhere in 
France. While DHL may be slightly more expensive for some destinations we 
would rather know the manuals will be delivered in one piece, rather than 
late, in bits and to the wrong country.

As ever we do take the views of our customers seriously but on this 
occasion we had no alternative but to charge at cost. It should also be 
noted that to date we've had very positive feedback with regard to the 
quality of the manuals, delivery times and costs.

Finally, if any one has any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints 
regarding the manuals please feel free to email me directly rather than 
posting on the list.

Kind regards,


Rod McCall  <>
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