The mouse is down

Jim Hurley jphurley at
Thu Feb 28 18:05:01 EST 2002

>Scott Raney writes:
>>  despite having seen statements from various people about the
>>  unreliability of the mouse function, we still *don't* have a
>>  reproducible example where it returns the wrong value.  If
>>  it's as common as some people seem to think it is, it should
>>  be possible to come up with such an example and send in a bug
>>  report so that it can be fixed.

Richard Gaskin replies:

>We're working on it.  I haven't been able to recipe-ize it yet, but I can
>assure you I get enough reports from my testers, and have seen it often
>enough myself, that I know it's real.

I can confirm this myself. I used to use the  following old  standby 
to allow the  user to move a button around the screen:

on mouseDown
repeat while the mouse is down
set the loc of me to the mosueLoc
end repeat
end mouseDown

Sooner or later the button will stick to the mouse like white on 
mice--I  mean rice.

It is sporadic. I did the follow experiment three times. I click down 
on the button, drag the button across the screen and released. I did 
this 56 times before they stuck together. I then did it then 4 times 
before they  stuck. I then did it 76 times before they stuck. At this 
point the  experiment lost its power to amuse and I quit.

Jim Hurley

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