DO AS WE SAY - not as we do!

Ian Summerfield iansummerfield at
Thu Feb 28 16:23:01 EST 2002

So after spending many hours recoding my stack to use a combination of
mousedown, mousemove, and mouseup instead of calling mouseloc in a repeat
loop, I thought I'd have reliability.   The mouse still sometimes gets stuck
down, dragging things around I don't want to drag around,  so I figured
maybe Revolution itself is breaking Scott's rules.

Now, I poke around Revolution's own scripts and find this gem:

  repeat while the mouse is down
    put the mouseloc into line tPoint of tOriginalPoints
    set points of the target to tOriginalPoints
  end repeat

It's a part the script of the button "revReshape" in the stack "revTools",
or the tool palette if you like.   I trust this will be fixed in the next
release to use mousedown, mousemove, etc.


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