Mouse Polling

Martin Baxter martin at
Thu Feb 28 10:30:01 EST 2002

Once I had a mouse that had a "bouncy" microswitch in it. This caused mouse
down/up/down/up to be put in the event queue (sometimes) for a single click
of the mouse button, i.e. unintended mouse events.

This made a real mess of scripts that "wait until the mouse is down" or
"repeat until the mouse is down", which had worked fine with a different
(presumably better quality) mouse. I had to include theoretically
unnnecessary "wait until the mouse is up" commands, to filter out the extra
mousedown event before beginning my loops or whatever.

I don't know if it's relevant to what you're talking about or not, but your
post just reminded me of it.

(P.S. That particular mouse is now an ex-mouse)


Richard Gaskin wrote:
>Scott Raney writes:
>> despite having seen statements from various people about the
>> unreliability of the mouse function, we still *don't* have a
>> reproducible example where it returns the wrong value.  If
>> it's as common as some people seem to think it is, it should
>> be possible to come up with such an example and send in a bug
>> report so that it can be fixed.
>We're working on it.  I haven't been able to recipe-ize it yet, but I can
>assure you I get enough reports from my testers, and have seen it often
>enough myself, that I know it's real.
>It seems sporadic in nature, and given your description of the underpinning
>on the OS side we can both appreciate the difficulty at tracking this down.

m a r t i n

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