answer error problem

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Feb 27 10:31:01 EST 2002

I'd love to help, but I have a few questions:

1) When you say the "answer error", which do you mean - the answer dialog
box, or the error dialog box?

2) When you say you have to "click it twice", where are you clicking it?

3) If it is the error dialog box, can you post the code that is bringing up
the error?

4) On a Mac running what OS?


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> Anyone have any suggestions for me on this?
> I *really* need to eliminate this problem...
> sims
> >Problem: When the answer error pops up, I have to click it twice
> >in order to dismiss it.
> >
> >The cursor appears as a hand prior to first click...
> >The cursor turns into an iBeam after the first click
> >and stays an iBeam while over the "OK" button unless
> >moved - if moved, it becomes a hand and can then click 'OK'
> >
> >This is on a Mac if that makes any difference.
> >
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