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Wed Feb 27 07:14:01 EST 2002

On 27/2/02 3:08 am, Curry <curry at> wrote:

> Dropping these functions would be silly when all we have to do is just agree
> on an acceptable behavior. I'm not working on alternatives for them in my
> own projects. I just don't want to script without these functions, period. I
> can't say I would stop using Revolution without them, because I have a lot
> tied up in Revolution and I like almost everything about it. Having found
> the perfect cross-platform scripting environment, I want to keep using it.

I'm not entirely clear why there is such concern here: I have not at any
stage even suggested that these functions will be dropped.  In fact I have
said very little on the subject.  We are having some debate as to the
precise behavior of these functions and may or may not make changes.  But
there has been no suggestion, at any time, from anyone on the Runtime team,
that these functions will be dropped.  So can we please end this aspect of
the debate now.

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