same post 3 times

Heather Williams heather at
Wed Feb 27 05:15:01 EST 2002

> i have experienced thsi phenomenon several times before.
> There are some posts that get delivered 2 or 3 times.
> Since i do not think the folks who posted them are too dumb
> to remember that they already hit the "send" button a couple of secs
> before it might be a list-server problem.
> Please don't take it personally, Heather :-)

Not at all, why would I?  This used to happen a lot more with the old list
software, but the reason for that no longer exists, and in fact it happens
far less frequently these days. I don't think the list software is to blame,
though I am always open to be convinced. These things happen from time to
time, the wonders of modern technology...



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