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Ken Ray kray at
Tue Feb 26 19:53:01 EST 2002


> I must be missing something: the engine *never* centers a selection,
> and the only time it changes the scroll at all is if you select a line
> with a script that would not otherwise be visible in the field.  Now
> someone might make an argument that having the default be to allow an
> invisible selection is a feature, but I'd say they have their work cut
> out for them...

I'm not going to make a case for being able to select a line that is out of
view in the current scrolling list, but I *would* like to make the case that
if you select a line via script that the field should scroll only until it
is shown in the list and not attempt to center it. For example, if a field
displays 4 lines-worth of text and it has 8 lines of text in it, and it is
fully scrolled to the top, if you execute "set the hilitedLines of field 1
to 7", the field should scroll three lines up and only display lines 4-7 of
the field with line 7 highlighted. Similarly if you then execute "set the
hilitedLines of field 1 to 2", the field should scroll so that lines 2-5 of
the field are highlighted.

I think that it is the unnatural behavior of having the hilite go to the
center of the list that is at issue here.

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