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Dr. Chris Kirtley kirtley at
Tue Feb 26 13:27:01 EST 2002

Dear all,

I've just started with Revolution, although I used to be a big
Supercard scripter. 

I have a couple of scroll bars that are causing my application to
crash. They work fine for a few scrools then crash - it seems to be
when I dwell too long on the drag operation.

I do have a lot of code with some mean number crunching (and graph
plotting) in the 'on scrollBarDrag' handler. Do you think that would
do it? If so, is there any trick to get around it. I guess if I could
somehow damp it down so that it doesn't execute the code too often it
might work.

But I guess this is also a bug report, since it shouldn't crash
Revolution, should it?

TIA, and hello to everyone on the list!

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