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> Hello,
> I am trying to associate the Little generic arrows (image ID 201317) with a 
> field, to display a range in the set numbers (1-30) when clicked up or 
> down.  I have set the cTargetField to the field name, and I have set 
> MInValue and MaxValue for the arrows button.  However, when I click the 
> arrows up or down the number displayed in the field does not change.  Do I 
> need to put something in for the script of either the button or the field?
> Thanks
> Steve
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Nothing is needed in the scripts.  You should put the name of the target 
field in cTargetField, don’t put it in quotes or anything like that.  Your 
destination field should have two custom properties,  one called cMinValue 
and the other called cMaxValue.  I notice you say you set the arrow buttons?  
No, that’s not where to put the cMinValue and cMaxValue, you put them on the 


When I set the little arrows up exactly as stated above without any script, 
it does nothing when clicked up/down.  However, if I insert the little arrows 
button directly from the object library, it automatically inserts a ton of 
script into the script properties, it works, but there has to be a better way 
to do this; I cannot imagine having to have all of that script inserted into 
every little arrows button that you may use.

I think that it probaly should be referencing the associated script directly 
from the object library, automatically on mouse down, but it is not doing so. 
 Without the script being placed directly into the little arrows button 
properties, it does not work.

Please someone help! this is driving me crazy.



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