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Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Tue Feb 26 06:15:01 EST 2002

on 2/25/02 1:43 PM, David Vaughan at drvaughan55 at wrote:

> My own solution is more platform-dependent, in that I simply save any
> potentially interesting post on disk and use Sherlock's content search
> to find even oblique references.
Sure. I am on, um, six group lists at the moment (4 of them digest
versions). I have HC stacks for each, because its 'find' works great, and
can be reconfigured five different ways on the fly as well. Maybe I'll
change them to RR stacks.

I just thought having archives online would give the Rev folks more time to
improve and promote their product. Maybe they need a break to come here,
though. Just copy the same setup the HC group uses. No need to reinvent the
wheel with that.

We can fix things in the future, but we can only return knowledge from time
already spent. The last character I typed is history.


Ken N.

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