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Mon Feb 25 20:49:01 EST 2002

> Congratulations.
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I've worked with a lot of Hypertalk-derived tools since Hypercard first came
out. I've used Toolbook on the Windows side and Hypercard, Supercard, Oracle
Media Objects, and now Rev on the Mac side. What Rev has done, and is trying
to do, is no easy task.

The latest version I'm using has its share of bugs, no doubt about it. But
the concept is great and the implementation, at this stage of the game, is
very good. I'm sure the next version will be great.

Compared to all the other programs I mentioned, Rev has an exceptional range
of functionality. I'm continually amazed at the thinking that went in to the
creation of this software. Even the pieces that don't work, clearly show
that the designers know what the programming community needs to make our
work easier and more productive. My guess is they focused on getting the
basic tools up and running so that it is possible to produce commercial
products now, even while working around the bugs.

Like a lot of other experienced Hypertalk programmers, I've learned there
are numerous ways to address most programming issues. If one way doesn't
work (often because of bugs still being working out), there's probably a
different solution that does. I'm sure a lot of newer Rev programmers are
probably frustrated with some aspects of Rev, but my experience has told me
one learns a great deal by trying to work around these issues and find
solutions. Of course, it's so much easier these days having an incredible
support community like we have here on this listserve. What I wouldn't have
given for this 15 years ago....

While it's true it took my company years to develop the data for our CD, we
only started to actually work on the production of the CD about six weeks
ago. It took three weeks to create...from scratch...a version we felt
comfortable selling to our customers. There's no way that could have
happened without a great product like Revolution.

I hope those folks get all the support they need, because Rev could become a
truly revolutionary tool for us all.

Richard Miller
The Wood
802-951-2534 fax

> On Monday, February 25, 2002, at 01:26  AM, Richard D. Miller wrote:
>> Just thought we'd let folks know we're having considerable success with
>> our
>> Rev program.
>> We started distributing it about two weeks ago and have now shipped
>> about
>> 600 CD's to customers in 50 countries. We've had less than 10 technical
>> support calls with no significant issues arising. Our customers are
>> using
>> Windows 95 through XP & NT, as well as Mac OS 9-10. The only time we've
>> run
>> into problems is with older Win 95 systems with 64 MB of memory...just
>> not
>> enough for our (graphically intense) program.
>> Essentially, our CD provides the most extensive source of data
>> available on
>> the world's commercial wood species...about 1,650 species. The data has
>> been
>> in development for almost ten years.
>> The main feedback we're getting: the program is very fast. That's nice!
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