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Kevin Miller kevin at
Mon Feb 25 12:00:01 EST 2002

On 25/2/02 4:27 pm, Steve Messimer <steve at> wrote:

> I have been a member of the use and improve lists for several months now.  I
> have found the quality of the discourse here to be outstanding.  It would be
> wonderful if there were some efficient way to find information posted in the
> past.  Often times I will see information that I realize will be useful in
> the future but is unrelated to the issue or issues on which I am currently
> working.  Going back to my archives of the list at a later date  and
> searching for that information is VERY time consumming and in some cases
> unrewarding.
> Is there any way to search past submissions short of creating a database and
> dumping each submission in a separate record.  It occurs to me that this
> search feature could be added to the RR Website.
> Doing this would allow developers to check through all the submissions on a
> particular topic before sending in a submission that most likely has been
> addressed at some point in the past.  It should also free up some time for
> Jeanne and others to work on more current problems.
> Just a thought.

Its a good one and we should do it, though there are other enhancements
coming along first.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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