CompileIt! was cool

JohnRule at JohnRule at
Sat Feb 23 10:35:01 EST 2002

<< I got to thinking how much CompileIt helped me to expand my
<< HyperTalk applications' capabilities

That's funny, I just 'resurrected' my copy of CompileIt! yesterday. I started 
going through some of the xcmds and xfcns I wrote (MidiToolz), and I realized 
what a powerful compiler that was. You have direct access to the 'OS 
toolbox', which gave me the capabilities to integrate the Apple Midi Manager 
(kind of obsolete now, but it still works!). It was not cross-platform 

Did you know they also had a stand-alone builder? It was called DoubleXX. You 
could take all of the externals you made, and stick them in a 
double-clickable application. I believe Heizer software was purchased by 
another company called Royal Software...Ro Nagey, are you on this list?

Which brings me to a do we get xcmds to work in Revolution? Do 
I really need to recompile them? I cannot get any of my custom externals to 
work at all (do they need to be 'ResEdited' into Revolution?). I cannot find 
documentation on this...

Royal software also had a cool application called LiveCard that would serve 
your Hypercard 'stacks' to the web...why can't we do this?

<< I would be willing to pay a separate license fee for a tool that would
<< allow me to create externals scripted in Transcript

Revolution has 'most' of the functionality that I need, but I would also pay 
for a CompileIt! type of application for Revolution. Here are a few features 
that something like this could give you access to:

MIDI capabilities
Video recording
Direct graphics (transparencies, 3D, etc).
Direct OS manipulation/communication.

  Sorry Kevin (and 'the crew'), I didn't mean to 'open a can of worms' here, 
but I would love to use my MidiToolz in Revolution (I am talking about system 
exclusive saving/sending and device control...not just playing some midi 
files). I guess I can always keep a computer with OS 8.6 and HyperCard 
hanging around to control my studio, but I would rather use RunRev.


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