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On 22/2/02 7:35 pm, Sivakatirswami <katir at> wrote:

> Sorry if this has been asked and answered
> I am trying to get some stacks to look like mac os 9 or mac os x. Profile
> manager seems to be the way to do this, but it doesn't work as expected. Is
> there an easy way to make all the buttons and all the standard fields look
> "mac-like"? 
> Going through the Profile Manager Tutorial I am able to create a profile for
> single button, and switch between the default "master" and the newly named
> profile... the one button behaves properly.
> But then there doesn't seem to be an easy way to apply this globally: the
> pull down menu to apply to the card and it's objects only works on the one
> button itself, not all the buttons on the card.... selecting all the buttons
> and the profile of the one button is dimmed. write a repeat loop to apply
> the profile to each button by number  and the result was again that only the
> button that had the profile was changed to match the profile...
> What am I doing wrong? I was thinking it should be as easy as importing a
> "skin" and applying it the stack, but then, obviously one would have to have
> that profile/set of profiles already at hand... does one exist?

Select all the objects involved, then hit "New" in the Profile Manager to
create the desired profile.  Make the appropriate changes, e.g. to size the
larger OS X fonts in using things like the alignment palette and the set to
formatted options in the Basic properties tab.  Then you can simply select
all objects involved and switch between profiles.  Distribution Builder can
include only a specific profile or all profiles.  You can change the profile
of an object using:

set the cREVGeneral["profile"] of btn 1 to "whatever"

Of the entire card:

revSetStackProfile "profile",stack "whatever"

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