tools and commands relating to the web

Fri Feb 22 13:43:01 EST 2002

I am pretty new at this programming thing, so forgive me these are stupid 
questions.  I want to build a simple browser, however I am a bit confused as 
I cannot seem to find the right tools or commands to do so.
For instance: in visual basic there is a internet icon in the tools palette 
that when chosen creates the browser display field.  In Rev. there are only 
various text fields (i.e., list, scrolling list, etc.) on the tools palette, 
I don't see anything that would create a browser display field.  How can I 
accomplish this.

Also, in visual basic there are commands/methods: navigate, refresh, etc. 
that are used as comman browser methods.  I cannot figure out what 
commands/methods in Rev. to use to accomplish these things.

Thanks in advance

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