Polling the mouse state

Ian Summerfield iansummerfield at btconnect.com
Fri Feb 22 03:52:01 EST 2002

On 22/2/02 12:07 am, "Scott Rossi" <scott at tactilemedia.com> scribed:

> On Thursday, February 21, 2002, at 03:27  PM, Ken Norris (dialup) wrote:
>>>> Doesn't "grab" do what you want? I think it suspends other messages
>>>> while
>>>> the user is dragging and automatically exits when the user lets go of
>>>> the
>>>> mouse button.
>>> No, drag doesn't let me check whether the object has been dragged into
>>> the
>>> bounds of another while the dragging is still going on.
>> ----------
>> I need to do the exact same thing in an eduware game stack. I'll be
>> watching
>> for the solutions while trying my own.
> Is this what you folks are trying to do?
>   http://www.tactilemedia.com/download/
> Regards,

Well sort of,  but the messages are still being sent,  I need to suspend all
other events while the dragging takes place.  There might be as many as 12
events pending.  That's the bit I'm having trouble with.  I don't know
whether I might be able to save the pendingmessages into a global and
restore them once the dragging is done.


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