Do's and Dont's

JohnRule at JohnRule at
Thu Feb 21 09:13:00 EST 2002

Thank you Scott for the 'stuff to avoid' list:

>Yes.  The full list of functions to avoid because they are deprecated is:
>the mouse
>the mouseClick
>the mouseH
>the mouseV
>the mouseLoc
>the optionKey
>the commandKey
>the controlKey

Could you please provide a list of what to use instead'?
And as a side note, I have been successfully using:

if the controlKey is down then
-- do this
end if

if the altKey is down then
-- do that
end if

I am not checking any combinations of keys, but I am checking this condition 
within a mouseDown and mouseUp handler. Is this bad? What do I use instead?


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