Problem with Launch Command

Peter Reid preid at
Thu Feb 21 08:51:01 EST 2002

>On 21/2/02 9:40 am, "Peter Reid" <preid at> scribed:
>>  Whilst Ben's idea looks good, it only provides a Mac solution, not a
>>  Windows one, so I put this to one side for now until I've exhausted
>>  any dual platform solutions.  Also, I have a slight concern about
>>  using AppleScript as to whether I can absolutely rely on the Mac
>>  users' system having the full AppleScript support installed?
>The concern is only the same as having to wonder whether Quicktime is
>installed before playing a movie.  But to check it is easy:
>Open preopenstack
>   if "AppleScript" is not in the alternateLanguages then
>     beep
>     answer "Applescript needs to be installed for this program to function."
>     quit
>   end if
>End preopenstack

OK Ian, I agree the AppleScript worry is not a big issue!  However, 
it still leaves Windows!!

The ext_appsOpen() function in the current Externals collection for 
Mac OS Classic & X lists all open programs.  So it should be possible 
to detect whether some form of Acrobat viewer is already open on the 
Mac.  Once again, this leaves Windows to be solved!


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