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Klaus Major kmajor at
Thu Feb 21 05:06:01 EST 2002

Hi Randy,

> when I  doMenu "New Card", All of my fields (Groups)that have background
> behavior set to true copy fine  --The check box buttons also copy over 
> but I
> want them to work independntly on each page.  They currently all check 
> when 1
> is checked.  What is the trick to have grouped check box buttons placed 
> so
> they work independently from previous pages.

Well, actually it's a secret formula, which has to be spoken at midnight 
an old pet-cemetary... (No, i am just kidding :-D

> Randy Kent

in the property-palette -> button uncheck "Share Hilite on Each Card" for
each button in your group.

That should do the trick...


Klaus Major
kmajor at

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