Robert Presender rpresender at
Wed Feb 20 09:04:01 EST 2002

Will appreciated help with the following problems"

Problem 1:
The answer dialog box appears to be off screen (v1.1 and 1.1.1B1). Screen res 640x480 Mac OS 9.2.2,PB G3.  Don't know how to reference 'answer dialog box' so that  it can be used in the msg box to set the location say to 200,200. Ex: set the loc of '?' to 200,200.  Is this a bug?  Ask dialog box appears ok.

Problem 2:
The ask dialog box (using ask instead of answer) not only doesn't appear using the following script but the script only goes as far as 'go stack "a" and the stack is opened ok.  If I eliminate ref to 'ask' lines, the script works ok.  Is the script alright or is this a bug?
on startUp
  if "x" is in fld "y" of stack "z" then
    go stack "a"
    wait 2 seconds
    ask "what is this?"
    if it is "OK" then set the visible of stack "a" to false
    wait 2 seconds
    set the visible of stack "a" to true
  end if
end startUp


Regards ... Bob

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