Opening Acrobat Files

Peter Reid preid at
Tue Feb 19 08:19:01 EST 2002

I'm trying to get my Rev app to open Acrobat Reader on both Win and 
Mac.  In both cases I want it to open Acrobat reader if it's not 
already running, otherwise to use the currently running application 
(default behaviour for Mac apps, but not for Win apps).  My questions 

1) how do I open Acrobat Reader under Windows, only when necessary 
for a given PDF file? If I query the registry and then use the launch 
command, this will open a fresh copy of Acrobat Reader for every file 
I try to open I think, instead of re-using any currently open copy of 
the Reader!

2) how do I get the path to Acrobat Reader on the Mac into a Rev 
variable so I can use the "launch" command? (more generally, how do I 
get results back from an AppleScript script?)

I have been using the Externals Collection but I'm hitting a brick 
wall with this, especially since it doesn't work under Mac OS X!  I'm 
trying to find another way that avoids the need to use the Externals.


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