Missing hidden characters and htmlText

Matt Denton matt.denton at limelight.com.au
Tue Feb 19 03:22:01 EST 2002

Hello List,

I can't find a way to keep the 'hidden' character of a field that has 
the imageSource set for it.  This problem occurs when using variables to 
manipulate the field.  Here's my scenario:

	01 set the imageSource of a character, say char 1 of the field.  
Char 1 still exists
		but image shown in its place;
	02 copy out the htmlText of the field to a variable for 
	03 set the htmlText of the field back after manipulation/sorting.  
Char 1 is gone.

The hidden character disappears!  I'm trying to use a custom property to 
restore a field (and the hidden character), plus the imageSource.  I've 
tried setting 'the text' then 'the htmltext' of the field together, no 

Sure I could perform all of the sorts/manipulation in the text field but 
I still wouldn't have a way to 'restore' back to the original default 
state (ie from a custom property holding the default field values).

Any kind help would be appreciated, I don't think it can be done??  I 
suspect there MUST be another property that holds everything that I can 
copy out and manipulate, the htmlText junks the hidden character.

I can also pass my code on if need be plus a test stack setup to show 
this issue.


Matt Denton

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