Painting problems

Ian Summerfield iansummerfield at
Mon Feb 18 09:48:01 EST 2002

It seems like Revolution hates small objects.   If I use the line tool and
draw a tiny vertical line (about 4 pixels long), Revolution changes it to a
120 x 120 pixel 45 degree line.

I was also playing around creating tiny images, 4 x 14 pixels,  I created 4
of them and pasted a graphic of the same size onto each - well I tried, but
Revolution would paste the graphic only onto image 1 regardless of which was
selected.  Once I made the images 32x32 it was ok.

I'm using OS X Rev 1.1.1b1.

BTW: Has anyone and good ideas how I could replicate an unspecified amount
of times a list of controls?  I'd like to do the equivalent of a portal view
in Filemaker, in fact I think RR should have portals as an enhancement,  I
wouldn't need Filemaker then.  As an example, I want to make a column
containing first name, lastname, and against each check boxes that can be
changed showing martial status, etc.   As you add a new record for each
person another line appears for them with the same series of check-boxes
against each.  Actually this isn't what I'm doing, I'm really writing a
thing to let me choose which applications are launched when,  against each
application chosen I'll have a timer plug type interface consisting of 96 4
state buttons to represent what to do at different times of the day!  If I
make the timer interface and group the controls, do I just dupe the group
under script control for each application choose?  If 5 apps are chosen are
500 odd buttons on one card going to slow revolution?   If there a better
way I should write the timer plug?   Any ideas welcome.


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