spreadsheets, or at least tables?

Richard D. Miller wow at together.net
Fri Feb 15 12:11:01 EST 2002

I'll throw in my support for this feature as well. The OMO table object was
great. It lends itself to many different applications. Rev should have it as

Richard Miller

>> I think this may have been discussed before, so I appologize if this is a
>> worn-out thread...
>> When will Rev have fields that behave like tables or spreadsheets (with
>> cells in columns and rows)?  What will be the syntax for accessing a single
>> cell? a row? a column?  Will there be the option of word-wrapping in each
>> cell with the cell (row) height expanding as needed?
>> -- D
> I want to insist upon the same object.
> Do you have an idea when you plan to release a new version of Rev
> with such a possibilty ?
> thanks.
> -- 
> Greetings.
> Yves COPPE

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