ANN: SmoothTalk Library 1

Curry curry at
Thu Feb 14 20:42:09 EST 2002

SmoothTalk Library 1 features 46 handlers to add power and convenience to
your scripts, including:

Math: random by range and interval, rounding to interval and up or down, two
forms of sign(), formatting with temporary numberFormat and rounding
control, custom comma formatting, frac(), decimal pad.

Text: chunks with temporary delimiter, text string difference, aligned
padding with desired fill character and truncation options, substrings, fast
duplication, reversal and shuffling by character or chunk, greatest and
least text items, punctuation-aware title case, versatile spreadsheet-style
lookup, Nth or all offsets of substrings.

System: setting and retrieving text on the clipboard, swapping variables,
choosing preferred fonts, and synchronizing actions on fast and slow

Try it out at:

Works for licensed or starter kit versions of Rev or MC.

Curry Kenworthy

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