Objects in a group

Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at kmug.org
Thu Feb 14 12:43:01 EST 2002

Zac writes:
 So changing
graphic "1" actually only changes the first graphic "1" (ID 123) not the
graphic "1" (ID 321) in the group of the target.

I don't think this is accurate.  If you make two groups of,say, 3 graphics each, then type
into the message box

"hide graphic 1" 

it will hide graphic 1 of the card.  But type

"hide graphic 1 of group 2"

and it will hide graphic 4 on the card.
Perhaps you are not specifying your target group correctly.  Or perhaps you are using
"in" group, instead of "of" group.  "in" will not work.

mark mitchell

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