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Thu Feb 14 02:38:00 EST 2002


I have a stack with cardsI On each card, there are groups. Each grp 
has radio btns. Depending on the choices of the user, i want to open 
a specific text file. The path to the file should be stored in a 
custom property.
So :
I build each time a variable that points to one the the text file 
from the chioce of the radio btns by the user.

one custom property set : cPathFiles
10 property set keys in Ppathfiles: cfileA, cfileB, cFileC, and so on

The first time the user chose his file, a answer file DLOG store the 
pathWay of the text file in a variable (pathtoFile). I'd like to 
store this variable, so that the second time the user makes his 
choice, I' don't have to ask again where is that file !

1) How can I store a pathfile in each  of the keys of cPathFiles 
(cfileA, cfileB, cFileC, and so on) ?
2) How can I select one of the key in the cPathFiles ?



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