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Tue Feb 12 21:05:01 EST 2002

on 2/12/02 3:26 PM, Geoff Canyon at gcanyon at wrote:

> At 8:34 PM +0100 2/12/02, yves COPPE wrote:
>> Sorry if I'm annoying but I repaet that I could do it so easy earlier in HC
>> with an external.
>> if I do what you say above, my progression bar works by break instead of
>> moving slightly and proportional to the endŠ
> I'm assuming your progress bar isn't overly large or small. If (for example)
> it is 200 pixels wide, then with 2000 cards if you update the progress bar
> every ten cards, it will update perfectly, moving one pixel at a time. If you
> update it 2000 times, you are updating it ten times for every pixel that it
> can move, which is unnecessary.

I agee, this should work for you if you set the increments correctly.

In HC I have 4 styles of progress bars, none of which require an X-thing.
One of them is a cute little train that uses an addColor pict with a
scrolling Picture window. In fact, I'm thinking about adding a bridge and
waterfall to it.

The point, though, is that you don't need an external for a progress bar, in
HC, and certainly not in RR.

Best regards,
Ken N.

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