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On Wednesday, February 13, 2002, at 06:34 , yves COPPE wrote:

> Hello,
>> If the changes you are making are slight, then the limiting factor on 
>> how fast your script will run is the progressbar itself. Instead of 
>> updating it 2000 times, once for each card, update it every 10 cards:
>> repeat with i = 1 to 2000
>> if i mod 10 is 0 then -- update the progressBar
>> end repeat
>> regards,
>> Geoff
> Sorry if I'm annoying but I repaet that I could do it so easy earlier 
> in HC with an external.
> if I do what you say above, my progression bar works by break instead 
> of moving slightly and proportional to the endŠ


You have a solution where you can choose your compromise between 
jerkiness and speed and the result may not be ideal for you because once 
upon a time you could do it better in another language with a one-off 
add-on on a single platform.

I just checked and I have over 200 HyperCard externals in my library, of 
which I wrote precisely 130 myself (including a progress bar of course). 
Many of my own do things with a speed, efficiency and feature set I love 
and miss, but in moving to Rev I have simply ditched the lot because 
Rev's compatibility with HC is only there to make my transition easier. 
It does not mean the world is the same. I will not use externals any 
longer because they are not cross-platform, and that is the price I pay.

Now, write to improve-revolution and ask for a progress bar to be added 
to Rev.

cheers & regards

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