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Tue Feb 12 04:57:01 EST 2002

on 2/12/02 12:03 AM, yves COPPE at yvescoppe at wrote:

> I have to go on each card of a substack "Stack I'm Working On" to
> make a lot of work and updates.
> During this operation, I'd like to have a window above the "stack I'm
> working on" with a progression bar showing the progression of the
> work.
Let me see if I'm getting this. You just want the 'thumbnail' thing to show
some movement as you progress from one card to the next as you work on them,
not to show an overview of what's been completed in each card. Is this all?

If it is, I don't have a script for you, but all you have to do is create a
stack with one card and a graphic that increases in width by a pixel or two
each time you go to a new (or next) card in the stack you're working on, and
show it in a small (thumbnail) palette window. I just suggested that becuase
the palette style window has a small header, and it should float over the
stack you're working on.

However, I thought you wanted a smaller window with a scrollbar to go
through the cards in your stack for reference purposes, while you stay on
the card you're actually working on. This seems like it has more value than
a simple progress bar. If this is what you want, take a look at the
RevExample in the Development menu for ideas.

What I thought about doing was a bit more ambitious. I was considering
making a thumbnail palette stack that automatically copies each card you
make when you move to the next card, resizing it with the geometry manager
on the fly. This way, you could navigate a miniature for reference of what
you've done so far, while staying on the same card in the original. Should
be doable.

Best regards,
Ken N.

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