How to ask for help

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Mon Feb 11 10:25:01 EST 2002

This is a request for everyone who wants to post some Transcript to the list, hoping that someone can make it work it work faster, better, without crashing, etc.

In addition to the Transcript code, please post a short description of what you want to accomplish in plain English. There are many ways any given task can be coded. It's often difficult for anyone to know which ways will actually work for the problem you are asking about based only on the code you've already used to solve the problem.

An example might be, "I need to keep track of a set of old bicycle parts, with pictures, and I'm trying to find a better way, because so far it's slow. There are about ten thousand parts, and the pictures are GIF files, about 20k each. I'm creating a separate card for each bicycle part and importing the images into the stack. Here is the find code I'm using, which takes about five seconds on my PowerMac 6100."

_Then_ post the Transcript in question. In addition to making it more likely you'll get a response that actually addresses your problem, we all get to reminisce about our childhood bicycles a bit. :-)



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