How do I determine objects in a group?

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Mon Feb 11 03:15:01 EST 2002

on 2/8/02 10:48 AM, Devin Asay at devin_asay at wrote:

> Put the radio buttons in a group and make sure the group's
> radioBehavior property is set to true.  This can be done by script or
> in the properties palette.  Once this is set, the proper radio button
> behavior is automatic; i.e., only one radio button in the group can
> be hilited at a time.
Just like HC family behavior, eh? I'm just  transitioning myself. Zac's
original post was wanting to use graphics, not buttons, though. If I were
him, I think I'd just use a screen image with all the figures and
transparent buttons with automatic group radio behavior, but he hasn't made
us aware of the overall purposes.

I have a HC stack I'm needing to transition. It has 76 buttons, sets of
selectable operational features and background pictures, etc. I need a
control panel for it, but this CP will need to demo some of the features to
help user's decide how they want it's visual and audio feedback options to
look and work. The selected options need to remain persistent from session
to session until they are changed. I was thinking about using a palette, but
I think maybe groups of objects in a substack would work better. Any advice?

Ken Norris

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