Revolution much slower then Hypercard

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Sun Feb 10 23:53:01 EST 2002

on 2/10/02 7:59 PM, Geoff Canyon at gcanyon at wrote:

> But there's no need to actually go to the cards:
> Using the form: fld "comments" of cd i of stack "revDocsLanguageReference"
> took 90 ticks (1.5 seconds)
> Setting the defaultStack property and simply using fld "comments" of cd i took
> 53 ticks (<1 second)
> Finally, pre-loading the data into an array variable instead was faster still
> (not counting the time to load the array): 9 ticks.
> Using one of the built-in functions (Filter is my favorite) on a pre-built
> data set would probably be even faster.
Yeow! These are some pretty impressive numbers. The tricks you can do with
Rev can be astounding. That last one, though it would take time to set up,
looks like some serious industrial grade speed search. How does it work?

Ken N.

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