Revolution much slower then Hypercard

David Vaughan drvaughan55 at
Sun Feb 10 20:53:01 EST 2002


I haven't noticed any significant speed difference in my own use.

Not knowing how many cards you have or how much data in each field, I 
created 263 cards (via a script which created a card for each line of 
some text I grabbed, happening to be 263 lines) putting random chunks 
from each line into three fields. Then I executed your scripts with lock 
screen off and on. HyperCard was in Classic 9.2 and Rev in OSX. You 
would expect Rev to suffer in this comparison because OSX will interrupt 
it more than HC will suffer in 9.2, I expect (I had several OSX apps 
open at the time, including a mail collect). Results were:
screen unlocked - HC 8.1 secs, Rev 8.5 secs
lock screen - HC 0.15 secs (!), Rev 0.9 secs
So Rev was dumped on by HC in the lock screen state but there is nothing 
even remotely resembling your differences. There is something there you 
have not told us but the good news is it should be resolvable.


On Monday, February 11, 2002, at 09:59 , Pierre Delain wrote:

> I find out with great surprise and disappointment that Revolution is 
> much
> slower then HyperCard.
> I have a stack with 2163 cards, and a script containing the following 
> loop :
> repeat with CV = 1 to NBR
>     go card CV
>     if fld "ThProp" contains T or fld "proposition" contains ¬
>     T or fld "numero" contains T
>     then put word 1 of fld "numero" && fld "proposition" & Return ¬
>     after IV
> end repeat
> In Hypercard, it takes about 4-5 seconds to perform. In Revolution, I 
> have
> transfered the fields in custom properties in order to make it faster. 
> I use
> the following script :
>    put the number of cards into CV
>    repeat for CV times
>       go next card
>       if the VTheme1 of this card contains Cetheme or the VProp of this 
> card
> contains Cetheme or the VNumero of this card contains Cetheme then
>       put word 1 of the VNumero of this card && the VProp of this card &
> Return after IV
>       end if
>   end repeat
> It takes exactly 1 minuts 31 seconds!
> Is Revolution so slow, or am I missing something?
> Pierre
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