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Sun Feb 10 15:07:01 EST 2002


I have a substack with many cards.
I have to perform some work on each card.
I'd like a thumbnail showing the progression of the work
So I've created another substack with a thumbnail and a fld (for 
writing some prompt)
the name of this new substack is "MyPrompt"

my script :
   lock screen
   put the number of cds of this stack into totCds
   --set the showValue of scrollbar "myscroll" to true
   --set the endValue of scrollbar "myscroll" to totCds
   repeat with x = 1 to totCds
     go cd x
     --set the thumbposition of scrollbar "myscroll" to x
     --put "xxx" into fld "prompt" of stack "MyPrompt"
   end repeat
   go cd 1
   unlock screen

ask : how can I call my window "myPrompt", let the thumbnail progress 
and further work on my previous substack ?



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