Read from socket async?

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Sun Feb 10 08:22:01 EST 2002

At 10:57 pm +1100 10/2/02, David Vaughan wrote:
>My test and conclusions are valid. Their implication and result is
>that the line I highlighted in your script below will cause your
>repeat loop NEVER to terminate. You see, the message(s) "dataAdded"
>are only queued by the read handler, not executed until the entire
>mouseUp completes. My own script also queues messages in the same
>way, but completes, after which all the queued messages (one for
>each read with data) are then successively run.

Unfair!! It doesn't terminate because I hadn't had coffee and I 
didn't have my glasses on. This is what I really typed. :)

on mouseUp
   global sname
   put zero into lcounter
   repeat 10
     read from socket sname until return with message "dataAdded"
     add 1 to lcounter
     put lcounter - 1 into tCounter
     wait until tCounter = lcounter with messages ##this is the block
     put lcounter into field "f2"
   end repeat
end mouseUp

Confession. I didn't set up a socket to test. I used "send .. in" 
instead, but the principle is the same. This is what I actually 
tested. Try commenting out the "wait ... with messages" line to see 
the difference.

local lcounter

on mouseUp
    put zero into lcounter
    repeat 10
      send "dataAdded" to me in 10 milliseconds
      add 1 to lcounter
       put lcounter
       put lcounter -1 into tCounter
       wait until tCounter = lCounter with messages ##
    end repeat
end mouseUp

on dataAdded
    wait for 1 seconds
    subtract 1 from lcounter
    put lcounter
end dataAdded

Dave Cragg

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