Ken Norris pixelbird at
Sat Feb 9 06:39:01 EST 2002

Hi. Well, here goes:

1) I usually don't have trouble visualizing graphical imagery, it's what
i've done most of my work life, but with Rev I'm experiencing some
difficulties with understanding organizational relationships of domain-type
structures, objects and layers, and relative message-passing hierarchies, in
word descriptions. It seems like the very things that make it powerful can
also make it very convoluted and difficult to understand. For me, main
stacks and sub stacks is one of these. Here's an example right from the
docs: "You can set the mainStack of a stack to any open main stack.". Sounds
like meaningless doubletalk. I still don't have a strong impression of
exactly how they work together. Is a sub stack part of a main stack, or
separate and enclosed by the main stack, or is it layered under the main
stack, or what? The groups concept can get confusing, too.

What I want to do is make a stack that graphically represents how these
things work. I believe the idea has merit, at least for me, and maybe for
others as well.

2) I'm also interested in developing structured modules, prescripted tasks
which can be used by many of us. They could be fairly loose so that even if
they don't meet specific needs, they can still be used as shells or models.
They could be available in menus/taskbars. I started a thread on the HC list
about this which appears to have generated some genuine interest. Myself and
several others are beginning some work on these ideas.

3) Another thing is to integrate QT with stack tutorials. You can pick a
topic and run a QT movie track in the background while following along in a
real stack. Armen, over on the HC list, rendered the old HC video into QT
and is sending some of us 3 CD sets so we can tinker with this idea.

Best regards and good night to the West Coast U.S. Hope we have a safe
Winter Olympics.

Ken N.

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