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Fri Feb 8 07:51:01 EST 2002

>Hello folks,
>How do I import a video clip? Is it a QT file? One of my goals is to improve
>training media for long term health care. HyperCard has an XCMD that allows
>lots of onscreen control of QT objects. Does Rev have such a thing?
>Ken N.
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Hello Ken,
I'm an old HC user , with QT too, and now
I use Quicktime in a RR app like that :
create a player on the card,-- recall his id 'nnnn'
create a button with this script
	on mouseup
  	   global film_name
  	   put "Select a file, Please " into myprompt
	              -- with filter '.mov' if useful
  	   answer file myPrompt
	   set the filename of player id nnnn to it
	   put the filename of player id nnnn into film_name
		      -- so I can use it for more things
	   set the rectangle of player id nnnn to xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax
	end mouseup

so you can hold QuickTime movies and use directly the player, or make 
other buttons to do actions and also click on the film to do more 
sophisticated actions (record times, image number , etc.), and more.
Hope this helps.


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