Rotatable fields?

Shao Sean shaosean at
Fri Feb 8 03:06:01 EST 2002

> Well, guess what? I forgot Rev has no text tool, although I have no idea
mm.. this royally bites.. i guess i'll have to come up with something to do
what should be built-in.. wish me luck ;-)

> You can draw text in just about any paint program: Photoshop, corelDRAW,
yeah, the only thing is the data is to be created on the fly.. there is no
preset data, there is no concept of what the data could be (other than text
and images.. the actual content is unknown)..

> Can you import a .gif image and place it in a graphic object? Or in a
> icon?
i believe you can for both.. if you are asking if that is good for my needs,
see above..

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