Rotatable fields?

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Fri Feb 8 02:40:01 EST 2002

on 2/7/02 2:30 AM, Shao Sean at shaosean at wrote:

>> Yeah, sure, I mean text with the draw tools.
> how does one "draw" text (not using fields, labels, etc).. i'm trying to
> find something that works like the REALbasic graphic object so I mix and
> match text and images with greater control then using a field does..
Well, guess what? I forgot Rev has no text tool, although I have no idea why
this is so. Because they seem so basic, I probably won't use Rev's paint
tools for much beyond overall size and position ideas, maybe simple
animation. I'll create the 'real' detailed graphics in software designed for
the purpose.

You can draw text in just about any paint program: Photoshop, corelDRAW,
etc., including HyperCard's Color Tools. Rotate it, flip it, filter it,
scale it, color it, mix and match with your other pictures, whatever you
like, and import it to RR as a .gif or .jpg. I assume you can't have it as a
scriptable graphic 'object' that way, though.

Let's ask:

Can you import a .gif image and place it in a graphic object? Or in a button

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Ken N.

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