getting directory lists

Rand Valentine jrvalent at
Thu Feb 7 22:55:01 EST 2002

  I need to be able to read the contents of the default folder, that is,
read a directory list of its contents into a variable. By this I mean I
want to build a little system for my students that has three folders
within the default folder, along with a standalone runrev application.
Then I want to be able to somehow read the contents of the folders (that
is, the filenames and folder names within the folders) so that I can
then read the contents of those files and folders into my runrev
application. That way I don't have to hardwire all of the filenames,
etc, but can dynamically determine what they are. Rinaldi had externals
for this sort of thing in HyperCard, as I recall. Thanks.

rand valentine
university of wisconsin-madison 

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