Bug in Creating Distribution

Ian Summerfield iansummerfield at btconnect.com
Thu Feb 7 15:51:01 EST 2002

Yes I am,  is there any other version that would work under OS X?  OS X is
now the only thing that will open the files I've created,  I can't then
create a distribution version.  So I've just about lost my work?  The stack
is on the URL to try:


It's for Mac OS 9 really,  I just choose to use OS X to do the development
work.   It'll work under OS X too,  and it demonstrates a "feature" of using
answer file of type "APPL" that doesn't permit applications being chosen if
they are OS X native (e.g. "Preview").   Try opening it in OS 9.  Maybe
someone could build me the final PowerPC using a PC?!


On 7/2/02 3:20 pm, "Kevin Miller" <kevin at runrev.com> scribed:

> On 5/2/02 8:19 am, Dan Shafer <dan at gui.com> wrote:
>> Creating a distribution for OS X in OS X. As the standalone gets
>> created and a confirm dialog shows up, I get an error:
> You don't appear to be using 1.1.1B1?
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