Looks like HyperCard

Terry Vogelaar terry at discovery.nl
Thu Feb 7 14:33:01 EST 2002

Troy Rollins wrote:
>> This has come up several times in this group. The gist is this -
>> double-clicking a stack opens it, sans the Rev UI. Open the stack in Rev, or
>> create a stand-alone, and all is well. Basically, double-clicking a stack
>> which is not a stand-alone, opens it in Rev in some strange way that no one
>> actually wants to do.  ;)

Jeanne replied:
> Well, that's not exactly true. ;-)
> It's a useful mode for testing before you build your actual
> standalone...but it's pretty much the same thing you get with "Suspend
> Revolution UI" in the Development menu.

I thought Troy was right, but Jeanne is the only known exception, so he
wasn't speaking the truth, because he said "no one" actually want it. ;-)

I think doubleclicking a stack should start up the Rev UI as well. When
someone wants to test, he/she can use the Suspend UI command.


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