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On 5/2/02 10:39 am, David Vaughan <drvaughan55 at mac.com> wrote:

> I thought I recalled seeing mention of encryption within Rev in a
> previous thread but a content search of the messages I have saved found
> nothing. How can you encrypt and decrypt data within Rev? Is there an
> intrinsic function (which I have not yet found) or do I resort to
> Applescript? This is no longer a stopper for what I am doing but I would
> like to know the answer.

You can encrypt stacks using the password feature in Distribution Builder
which will stop access to the scripts or access to any of the strings in the
stack using a text editor.  You can however view objects and properties, but
not scripts using the UI.  Thus some users have stored password protected
information in scripts.  You could also write your own custom encryption /
decryption routine.

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