Irregular Shaped Windows and Transparency

Klaus Major k_major at
Wed Feb 6 14:12:00 EST 2002

Hi Troy,

> Scott Rossi  wrote:
>> Custom window shapes can be done in MC/REV on OS9 (Odo WDEF) and 
>> Windows
>> (RunRev external collection) but apparently there is not yet any way to
>> handle this on OSX.
> Interesting. Do you know if this supports levels of transparency or 
> just one
> bit masks?

Cannot say anything about Odo.
Except that most computer-folks are SciFi-fans, obviously ;-)

But the win-xternal needs a polygon for the window-shape :-(

This is a little bit ehmm... unhandy ;-)

But levels of transparency are defintively not supported, unfortunately.

Hope this helps.


Klaus Major
k_major at

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